Improving patients’ lives through innovative human tissue management.

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Rebuilding following breast cancer treatment

with our core product Adiposet™

Our unique Adiposet™ system dramatically improves the patient experience of breast reconstruction following breast cancer treatment, whilst improving clinical practice and reducing cost to NHS and private hospitals. Adiposet™ also has applications in many other therapeutic and cosmetic procedures.

I tell everybody that I’ve had this…the care and attention I have had has been lovely. You can’t fault it.

Jo | Breast reconstruction patient with Adiposet™, following breast-cancer related mastectomy.

Adiposet™ Benefits

compared to existing methods.

Patient benefits

  • Enables only one liposuction (harvesting) procedure under general anaesthetic.
  • Subsequent procedures are done under local anaesthetic.
  • Faster recovery & Less scarring.
  • Patient’s own fat (adipose) tissue is used – no risk of rejection.
  • Very natural in appearance and feel.

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Healthcare provider benefits

  • Significantly cheaper; may reduce hospital costs by around 50% for breast reconstruction.
  • Enables out-patient lipo-filling, giving scheduling flexibility to the clinician.
  • Uses less hospital resources, with less theatre time, and fewer inpatient admissions.

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Patient Stories – Highlights