Getting Back to You

Getting Back to You

Regenerys is a company that is passionate about supporting women with their reconstructive surgery needs following breast cancer treatment. We understand that you or your loved one can be going through a very challenging time, with lots of decisions to make. You and your surgeon should discuss what your options are and how best to reconstruct your breast if this is what you choose.

Adiposet is an innovative service offered by Regenerys, which collects, processes and freezes fat tissue collected from your body. Your surgeon will then have access to it at a time that is convenient for you for use in your breast reconstructive surgery.

The following pages provide information on the Adiposet service and may help you in your discussions with your surgeon or doctor.

Patient Stories - Listen to other people’s experience with the Adiposet Service

The Adiposet Service

The Benefits of the Adiposet Service

Is the Adiposet Service Right for Me?

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