About MySkin®

MySkin® is the autologous preparation of keratinocytes from patients for use on burns. This is a wound-healing product that uses viable cultured skin cells and delivered as a spray. MySkin® can be applied directly to the patient’s burns to promote re-epithelialisation. The MySkin® spray can also be used for chronic wounds or ulcers.

MySkin® is available as part of a specialist care package for burns patients and is made available as an unlicensed medicine under the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) ‘Specials’ route.

Patient keratinocytes are propagated from a skin biopsy grown in media free from animal products. The turnaround of cells, from biopsy to wound application, is approximately 2 -3 weeks.

The MySkin® spray contains 2ml of keratinocytes in suspension which can cover an area of approximately 100cm2. There can be significant variation in cell numbers available which can be attributed to a number of factors e.g. biopsy thickness, patient age, co-morbidities, contamination etc. The cultures are maintained in aseptic conditions in our cGMP cleanrooms.