About Us

About Us

Regenerys was conceived to develop, manufacture and market advanced, effective and safe products for use in regenerative medicine. Our vision is that our products and services will result in the improvement and restoration of the health, wellbeing and welfare of the company’s ultimate customer, the end recipient.

Quality and regulatory compliance are paramount. Regenerys holds a Human Tissue Authority (HTA) licence (11020) for “The procurement, testing, processing, distribution, import and/or export of tissues and/or cells intended for human application.” MySkin and CryoSkin are provided under the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) Specials Licence (MS 43321). We also have a Quality Management System that is compliant with ISO 9001 standards which helps to ensure the quality and traceability of all our products and services.

The company’s services and products are provided to the NHS, national health organisations and private healthcare providers as well as the cosmetic surgery clinics. Our products and services aim to be cost-effective to the healthcare providers, time-efficient for clinicians, and ensure patients and clients have an optimal experience with favourable outcomes.

Our service is Adiposet, which provides adipose tissue harvest and storage. This service was conceived by and developed under the guidance of some of the UK’s leading plastic surgeons, four of whom form the Clinical Advisory Board to Regenerys.

Professor Simon Myers, PhD FRCS (Plastics), Consultant Plastic Surgeon (Barts Health NHS Healthcare Trust) has the opinion that:

Fat surgery, or lipo-modelling, is now in routine use in many countries around the world and is likely to become a procedure of choice. Autologous fat injection may prove to offer substantial benefits over the use of implants for breast augmentation and reconstruction. Adipose tissue has an established role in facial aesthetic surgery, and is rapidly extending its role in the revision of scars.

Regenerys also has effective products for skin regeneration in the treatment of burns and with the potential for treating chronic wounds. MySkin is the preparation of autologous keratinocytes in a convenient spray. CryoSkin is an allogeneic version for the same purposes. These innovative products are available for use in the UK under an MHRA Specials licence. MySkin and CryoSkin fill an unmet need for an affordable, scaleable, safe and efficient solution for the healthcare provider and patients.

Regenerys is also working towards expansion of its portfolio of products in the long term. The company also envisages the development of markets outside of the UK and Europe and are actively seeking partners in strategic locations worldwide.

For further information about Regenerys or to make an enquiry about our services and products please contact us.